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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

ROLI presents: the Seaboard RISE


The London start-up and Sonar+D 2015 participant applies their “SEA Interface” technology to the first expressive MIDI controller ever, the Seaboard RISE.

Let’s imagine that it is possible to modulate every musical note and every sound in multiple dimensions. Let’s imagine that in a very intuitive way, vibratos, tremolos and sliding sounds can be created with the movement of the fingers, through subtle and fluid pressure variations that open the doors to new forms of musical expression.

This is possible thanks to a new and growing generation of musical instruments that use extremely tactile and malleable materials such as the SEA Interface– and ultra precise and responsive sensors that provide the performer greater freedom and ergonomics.

ROLI brings this type hardware and software solutions– that they had already used with great success in their keyboard Seaboard GRAND– to their first MIDI controller, the Seaboard RISE, a control surface that can be as familiar as a piano style keyboard, or futuristic as an interactive surface open to infinite possibilities.

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