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June 2017

SIC: Challenges Completed!


This year’s edition of Sónar+D celebrated the first Sónar Innovation Challenge, a project that joins tech companies with creators of different areas to solve specific challenges. The companies involved were Absolut, RapidMix, Deezer and CoSiMa.

During 5 weeks, 5 multidisciplinary teams worked remotely on their challenges and met in person at Sónar+D where they finished their prototypes and presented them to the audience.

The first one was the RapidMix Challenge, which consisted on creating innovative gaming experience using gesture recognition. The prototype included sensors, machine learning, VR technology and gesture recognition:

YouTube Preview Image

Absolut proposed two challenges that should involve creating weird and unexpected ways to experience nightlife and music based events.

The first challenge called “Rite of Color” is an immersive experience that fuses color, music and light to create an environment that enhances interactions through a rite of passage that sets the mood for the event experience:

YouTube Preview Image

The second challenge, called Soundscraper is aimed at collective interactions through the creation of a collective living sculpture that changes and evolves over time.

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Deezer challenged their team of participants to create experiences that turned playlisting into a collective experience. “Fight for your Track” is the name of a project where each participant must fight for their track keeping the beat of the music with their smartphones.

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Finally, the CoSiMa challenge, called “Weather” created a system to enable spontaneous collective collaborative sonic experiences using smartphones.

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