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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Reactable in the Music Hack Day 2015


Reactable is one of the most renowned projects to have emerged from the Music Technology Group de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra. The project, created over 10 years ago, aimed to integrate various technologies and disciplines within a single electronic musical instrument that was intuitive (Reactable needs no instructions to operate), collaborative (the instrument can be used by several people at once) and visual: today its graphics are iconic.

Reactable imagined how we would relate to computer systems through tactile and visual interfaces long before smartphones and tablets existed.

These days, apart from the well-known table, Reactable is a company that has extended its technology to new devices for man-machine emotional interaction and imagines how this can transform the music industry. Next June they will begin to develop a new instrument that is completely different to the present one.

Reactable will be present at the Music Hack Day as a sponsor and will be making its technology available to the hackers so they can imagine and prototype new concepts and applications which maybe some day will revolutionize the world of music.

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