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June 2017

Last day of Sónar+D: what you can’t miss on Saturday


Demonstrations on stage will be at the centre of the final day of Sónar+D 2015. Those present will have the chance to see live how some of the tools and devices that are revolutionizing the world of music work.

They say that he’s the godfather of “controllerism” and as such, Matt Moldover, in his demo “Computer Controller, the new instrument” will be presenting how these tools make it possible to control a computer beyond the keyboard and mouse. Controllers allow music to be played comfortably and organically, creating new forms of musical expression. Moldover will also be participating in the “Meet the Expert” activity and accreditation holders who wish to request a consultation with him.

In “Resident Advisor Machine Love“, the duo of Italian producers Voices from the Lake will be using a session that is half demo half chat to present how they use their musical equipment in the studio and on stage.

Futuristic instruments also play a major role at Sónar+D this year, with the London-based start-up ROLI presenting its next-generation keyboard “The Seaboard GRAND” with a smooth and soft keyboard acting as an infinite surface that facilitates new ways of musical performance and expression.

Once again this year, the musical innovation lab of Berklee College of Music will be presenting its most creative prototypes, this year in an unprecedented combination of music and physical exercise. On the Stage+D by Mazda Rebels, you can see the demos of “The Sing Song Table“, or how to make a game of ping pong into a piece of music; and “The Flex Sleeves“, gloves that enable to modulate, process and add effects to their voice by waving their arms, stretching out and flexing muscles.

Neurotechnology will be present with the Zaragoza-based company BitBrain, that will be performing a live experiment in which the spectators will be able to see what happens in our brain when we listen to music. The best way to do this is to monitor the brain activity of a Dj – that of Chelis, no less – and six members of the audience.

In the same way as a writer is scared of a blank page, a music producer fears a blank project. In the talk “Fear of a Blank Project” the producer Dennis de Santis will be talking to Oriol Rossell in an activity organized by Ableton, in which they will be discussing the keys to musical creativity and how to move forward from a blank project.

Pioneer, one of the leading brands of products for DJing and music production, will be presenting one of their new tools, XDJ-XR, in “Analog Meets Digital“. This device combines the convenience of digital technology with the feel of analog.

Those who literally feel like getting to work can do so in the last two workshops of this edition: “Oscillating Cities“, a project by Queen Mary University of London, in which a soundscape of Sónar will be created using small Raspberry Pi computers; and those who want to take their own synthesizer home can take part in an activity that is now almost a classic: Build your Own Mute Synth, given by Dirty Electronics.

Saturday is the last day to see all the projects on display at MarketLab and to test at first hand the virtual reality headsets in display in Realities+D. It will also be the last day to see the Novation Exhibition about their rich history in synthesiser design.

The final Meet & Drink Sónar+D by Estrella Damm with DJ Kerman will take place at 19pm and at 20h the NGO Bridges for Music will do a presentation of the organisation before the show of southafrican DJ Jazzuelle.

Please, notice that all the keynote will be in English without translation. 

Accreditation holders have exclusive access to some activities and priority access until 5 minutes before the start in some others. Find out about the access to each activity in its space at