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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Kickstarter touches down in Spain at Sónar+D


The world’s largest funding platform for creative projects touches down at Sónar+D with lectures and workshops by its founders

Kickstarter launches in Spain on 2 June this year. Starting on that day, the platform offers Spanish creators the opportunity to finance their initiatives in euros and raise funds using a Spanish bank account. As a result, Spanish projects will be local in administrative and operational terms while having an international profile.

Kickstarter will be touching down at Sónar+D in order to bring the platform to its new European markets and show the creative communities its methods and resources for promoting and optimizing the success of their campaigns.

Yancey Strickler, the CEO and co-founder of Kickstarter, will give the inaugural lecture at Sónar+D, entitled “Inspiring Creative Freedom”. He will be talking about how creators can use Kickstarter to work according to their own rules and under conditions of equal opportunities and how creation today is going through an era that is unique in history.

The “Made with Kickstarter” space at MarketLab will be presenting several especially interesting projects involving creative technologies and success stories that have taken place this year with Kickstarter. This space will also host meetings with their creators and will be presenting a selection of the first Spanish campaigns hosted on this platform.

Meanwhile, during the three days of Sónar+D, Kickstarter will be organizing a series of practical workshops and offering Spanish artists the opportunity to consult members of their team in person about their doubts. Kendel Ratley, the director of outreach, will be giving the workshop “An intro to Kickstarter” in which she will be discussing guidelines and best practices for creating a good campaign, creating community around a project and making it into reality. Meanwhile, John Dimatos, head of design and technology at the company, will be giving the workshop “From prototype to production”, on product prototyping and development through the platform, with special guests participating in Sónar+D.

Kickstarter’s presence at Sónar+D is a unique opportunity to find out at first hand about the key factors that have led to this platform becoming the global benchmark for funding creative projects, and how those projects have used and developed the platform’s resources to make them into reality.