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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Jessica Brillhart, principal filmmaker for VR at Google

Virtual reality is not just another gadget – it is not a pair of glasses. VR is a technology in development that is gradually consolidating its technical part, and building its very own storytelling for this medium. Framing, the keystone of audio visual language, became obsolete after VR, as well as film techniques that prevailed for 100 years.

As Jessica Brillhart says in this video, “technology enables art” and “art challenges technology”.

Only by striking up a constant dialogue between technology (engineers, coders…) and art (filmmakers, storytellers, artists…), this new medium can be built.

Jessica Brillhart is a front-runner of VR research, focusing on the study of VR as a language for storytelling. In 2009, Brillhart began working at Google’s think tank Google Creative Lab, and became the principal filmmaker at Google VR a year ago, where she is member of the development team of Jump, a flawless 360-degree filmmaking system that could only be possible with a dialogue between the technical staff and the creative team.

She will participate ona VR roundtable at Sónar+D 2017.