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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

These were the highlights of Friday

The second day of Sónar+D has been as intense as the inaugural sesion. The main features on Friday have been the keynotes of Holly Herndon, Chris Milk&Aaron Koblin (Verse), Indy Saha (Google), Richard Russell (XL Recordings), Jeremy Boxer (Vimeo), David Cuartielles (Arduino), Arthur Baker, and Bruce Sterling that has given the closing keynote.

There has also been room for the succesful workshops of Arduino, Dirty Electronics&Mute, John Dimatos and Kendel Ratley (Kickstarter).

On the other hand, Friday has seen diferent round tables too: Artist in residence, Creative Technologies Café and De-westernalizing music through technology. 

The second day has been a networking day with the third Meet the Expert and the first edition of the Meet the Investor.

The cinema has also been important on Friday with the lectures of Secluded Bronte: Against cinema, Thorstein Fleisch and Jacob Kirkegaard

Finally, on Friday it’s been the last day of the Music Hack Day. 11 awards have been delivered and the event has achieved 39 hacks.

On Saturday, the last day of Sónar+D, continues the exhibition of projects at MarketLab, Realities+D, demostrations in the stage and workshops.

Holly Herndon
Holly Herndon
Jeremy Boxer (Vimeo)
Justine Cone (Motionographer & F5 Festival)
Richard Russell (XL Recordings)
Arthur Baker
Arthur Baker
Artist in Residence with Fernando Cucchietti (BSC) and Jussi Ängeslevä (ART+COM)
David Cuartielles (Arduino)
Bruce Sterling
Indy Saha (Google)
Indy Saha (Google)
Kendel Ratley (Kickstarter)
Aaron Koblin & Chris Milk
Aaron Koblin & Chris Milk
Creative Technologies Café with Greg J. Smith (Creative Applications) Kamil Nawratil (Volvox Labs) & Joanie Lemercier
De-westernalizing Music through Technology with Peter Kirn, Xavier Serra & Kalbata
Secluded Bronte
Jacob Kirgegaard
Open Curiosity at MarketLab
Digital & Media Summit
Meet the Investor
Meet the Expert
Workshop John Dimatos (Kickstarter)
Lucio Capece performance
Overview MarketLab
Music Hack Day
Alba B. Rosado from Music Hack Day
Music Hack Day
Music Hack Day
Music Hack Day
Music Hack Day
Music Hack Day. Winners

Consuelo Bautista

Serena De Sanctis