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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

This is what happened the first day of Sónar+D

Sónar+D started yesterday with the CEO of Kickstarter’s conference.  In Yancey Stickler‘s opening keynote, “Inspiring creative freedom”, the public had an important role, he spoke for 30 minutes with them about Kickstarter and how it recently arrived in Spain among other topics.

Jim Kolmar (SxSW), Silvia Oviedo-Lopez (Pinterest), Christina Hug (The Makers Nation), Jordi Borràs (littleBits) Dan Gray (Monument Valley), Peter Rehberg, Amy Robinson, Rutger Wolfson and John Daniel F. Molero were other headliners on Thursday. As well, the first edition of workshops from Dirty Electronics, Queen Mary University and Arduino workshops were held along with the m-startup-barcelona round table on the first day.

There was also a place for networking, in both sessions of Meet the Expert and the Music Production MeetUp by EUMES.

Luciano, Carl Craig Kerri Chandler and Alexandre Cazac participated the Stem’s talk by Native Instruments, and Alex Arteaga, Luis Nacenta and Jean-Paul Thibaut were in the transient_senses lab seminar

Thursday was also the first day of the exhibition in the MarketLab, the Novation synthesizer, and the first workday for the hackers in the Music Hack Day.

The Start-up Competition by Ricoh completed the day. The winners were, in 3rd place, ticketing3D, in 2nd place, Natural Machines and the winner was Artomatix. The special mention prize of Keiretsu Forum went to FanFootage.

Welcome Bar
Inspiring creative freedom by Yancey Strickler (Kickstarter)
The audience at Yancey Strickler's talk (Kickstarter)
Jim Kolmar (SxSW)
Silvia Oviedo-López (Pinterest)
Christina Hug (The Makers Nation)
Jordi Borras (littleBits)
Dan Gray (Monument Valley)
Anne Hilde (The Wire) and Peter Rehberg (Editions Mego)
Kendel Ratley (Kickstarter) at Meet the Expert
Music Production MeetUp by EUMES
Welcome Bar
Carl Craig, Luciano, Kerri Chandler, Alexandre Cazac and Tony Nwachukwu at the Native Instruments Stems talk
Music Hack Day
Start-up Competition by Ricoh
Start-up Competition by Ricoh. Winners
Meet&Drinks by Estrella Damm

Consuelo Batista

Serena De Sanctis

Bianca de Vilar

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