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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

The last day of Sónar+D in images

The last day of Sónar+D it’s been dedicated to the demostrations in the stage. Companies like ROLI, Pioneer or Ableton have shown their new projects and products. Moldover has also been one of the highlights of Saturday. Known as “father of controlerism” he has shown different ways to use the controlers to the audience in a half talk half performance.

Berklee has also been on the stage presenting The Sing Song table & Flex sleeves and the European Commission have lead a demostration of BitBrain with DJ Chelis in which the audience has participated very actively.

Another really successful activity has been the littleBits workshop at CaixaForum Barcelona where a lot of families had fun using this technology.

The Oscillating Cities by Queen Mary University and Build your Mute Synth II by Dirty Electronics&Mute have been the two other workshops that have taken place at Sónar+D this Saturday with a lot of participants.

The last activity of Sónar+D 2015 has been the Meet&Drink by Estrella Damm with the presentacion of Bridges for Music and the performance of DJ Jazzuelle and DJ Kerman set.

The activities of Sónar+D have had continuity outside the venue with the performance of Rénaud Bédard at CaixaForum Barcelona with littleBits.

And this has been it. See you next year at Sónar+D 2016!

Workshop littleBits
Jordi Borràs (littleBits)
Worshop littleBits
Workshop littleBits
Workshop littleBits
Lab Binaer (MarketLab)
Datum Explorer by Universal Assembly Unit (MarketLab)
RMIT's Resonance Table (MarketLab)
Royal College of Art (MarketLab)
Oscillating Cities workshop
Koreless with ROLI
DJ Chelis with BitBrain
Denis DeSantis (Ableton) & Oriol Rosell (Conductr)
Dirty Electronics workshop
Dirty Electronics Workshop
Pioneer demo
Resident Advisor and Voices from the Lake
Meet&Drink by Estrella Damm
DJ Jazzuelle Bridges for Music
Renaud Bédard (littleBits performance)

Consuelo Bautista

Serena De Sanctis