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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Lab, Stage, Gallery. Matt Clark on UVA


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“My background is in fine art, my two co-founders have backgrounds in engineering and software design. Back in 2003 that was kind of an unusual combination of skills to have in an artistic practice, but as you can see here in Sónar+D is very much a familiar thing.”

“Although the purpose of art and design and engineering can be quite different, we believe that we can benefit greatly keeping these activities close together.

“[At UVA] There is plenty of cross-pollination between the disciplines and organizations.”

“As our software evolves, so do our visualization capabilities. Our projects are still defining new kinds of technologies within the software that sometimes end up in the product.”

Technology allows us to see the world from the palm of our hands – from distant wars to being very intimate with our favorite celebrities.”