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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

A Taste of Sónar+D by Mazda Rebels at Mazda Space

The next March 5th, April 9th and May 7th will take place A Taste of Sónar+D by Mazda Rebels, a series of live shows curated by Sónar+D dedicated to advanced visual and audio devices: 3 events with unconventional instruments, disruptive technologies and new stage experiences at the Mazda Space (c/Comerç 60, Barcelona).

Mazda Rebels is the philosophy of Mazda that brings together people who challenge conventions to make things better.

Among those attending each event, two accreditations for Sónar+D 2015 will be drawn. Consult the legal basis of the draw here.

* The invitations will be awarded in order of registration and to fill seats. Preference will be those who have not attended previous events .

CaboSanRoque "12 Rounds"

+ Vallès & Stepbystep

May 7th, 8pm.

Registration for this event is over

For over 10 years, the group’s work has been based on constructing musical machines and exploring their expressive capacities, in a continuous process of research into the generation of sound by mechanical means and automatisms. This expressive capacity of machines, related in various ways with people’s involvement, has been put to the test in stage productions, in exhibition spaces, as sound installations and in strictly musical environments.

They will be presenting their new album and show “12 rounds”.

They will be accompanied by the refined dj Vallès, from Ibiza. This exquisite selector of the best mediterranean house will attend the event with several members of the multidisciplinary group from Barcelona Stepbystep.

Felix Faire presents "Contact: Augmented Acoustics"

+ Wooky & Videocratz

March 5th, 8pm.

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Can a simple table be transformed into a musical instrument and also give you the real feeling of a string, a key or percussion when you play it? In “Contact: Augmented Acoustics”, you’ll not only discover this great project, but also its creator, the musician, architect and creative coder Felix Faire recently chosen as one of the 7 Designers of the Future by the Design Council of London (UK). For the occasion, he will be explaining how he did it. A warm-up for Sónar+D 2015.

After the show of the british artist we will enjoy the Wooky + Videocratz duo, producer and visual artist who have worked together in the captivating performance of “Montjuïc”, the latest LP of Wooky. For the occasion, they will transform their concerts into the new format of session involving four hands and two thoughtful heads, which gives full meaning to the union of the concepts of “audio” and “visual”. This activity will be in English only.

Check the video of the event and the best pictures.

Ei Wada "Braun Tube Jazz Band"

+ DJ2D2

April 9th, 8pm.

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It all began with a fortunate error: the Japanese musician and artist Ei Wada made a mistake and connected an audio cable to a video input. The result was the transformation of a sound into an image. The discovery enabled Wada to develop an artistically fruitful and visually fascinating technique. His Braun Tube Jazz Band is a group made up of seven cathode ray tube televisions that he uses as percussion instruments. Every time he hits a screen, he generates both a sound and an image. This show has fascinated thousands of spectators worldwide.

The video is also the tool that DJ2D2 uses in his dj setup. With a large experience in selecting the beats and a deserved reputation in the national scene, in the latest years he has shaken the dancefloors with a top quality audio and video show.

Watch the best pictures and the video of Ei Wada’s event.