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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

We Are Europe at TodaysArt


Starting today and until September 25, will take place in The Hague (Netherlands) TodaysArt festival, one of the eight participants of We Are Europe. For this occasion Sónar and Sónar+D join forces with the Norwegian festival Insomnia (Tromsø) to present a series of activities framed within this year’s subject: Cultural Entrepreneurship.

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These activities will unfold through three symposiums and a series of shows.

Art, Astrospace and Moonmars, will gather artists and scientists to demonstrate the latest discoveries in astrophysics and cosmology to imagine possible human Moonmars habitats through astrospace instruments, and interstellar musical entertainment in a Moonmars village created for the occasion.


Decentralize celebrates autonomy and decentralization as the core for new forms of cultural entrepreneurship. Artists, entrepreneurs and activists will explore the alternatives to host, distribute and monetize digital culture.

Novel Tools for Sonic Manifestations will open with a keynote by the artists Francisco López, Darien Brito and André Vogrig followed by the presentations by Myriam Bleau, Alba G.Corral, Paul Jebansam & Tarik Barri and Marije Baalman, all of them participant artists at the festival. Moderated by Jose Luis de Vicente (Sónar+D) this session will explore audiovisual technologies, formats and transdisciplinary collaborations.


TodaysArt and Sónar bring together the world premiere of Entropy, an immersive audiovisual journey where the music by Dopplereffekt and the astro data visualizations by Antivj and artistic coder Elie Zanarini, are weaved together with the talks by astronomers Dida Markovic and Zaz Magic.

Other shows curated together by Sónar and TodaysArt are: Intensional Particle by Hiroaki Umeda, Autopsy Glass and Soft Revolvers by Myriam Bleau and the most recent collaboration among bRUNA,Wooky and Alba G. Corral.