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June 2017

We Are Europe and Sónar+D: One Year In


The first year of our collaboration with 8 European Festivals under the We Are Europe project, has now come to a close. Between March and October, our common project travelled through 8 European countries and brought cutting edge performances, installations and talks to an audience of more than 300,000 festival-goers and professionals.

90 artists from Europe and North Africa, the Middle-East and the rest of the world—USA, Japan, Ghana, South Africa…—have been involved as part of our co-curation process. From electronica to piano recitals and from arabic sounds to digital art performances, they depicted what is Europe today: a dynamic cultural scene enriched by  bright ideas that cross borders and disciplines.

In June, Sónar hosted two of our partner festivals: Austria’s Elevate and Re-works from Greece, with a series of activities and concerts at Sónar by Day. These events included Decentralize! a series of workshops and round table discussions on the tools needed to build a freer, fairer internet presented by Elevate. On their side, the Greek festival ReWorks presented “The Sockwaves of the Sonic Boom: Europe vs North America in Electronic Music” a round table that gathered some of the key professionals in the electronic music industry.

In keeping with the spirit of cultural reciprocation, Sónar then travelled to TodaysArt in September, and finally, Insomnia Festival in Norway.

For Today’s Art in the Hague, Sónar contemplated the stars with the talk Art, Astrophysics and MoonMars, as well as the wider creative applications of imagination and technology with audiovisual performances from bRUNA and Wooky featuring the visual artist Alba G Corral, as well as the world premiere of a very special show by Dopplereffekt: Entropy. The innovative sound artist Myriam Bleau also presented two shows: A reprise of her fascinating simulacrum of DJing Soft Revolvers, and Autopsy:Glass, wherein amplified wine glasses are manipulated to breaking point.

Moving from imaginative extremes to geographical ones, Sónar’s final collaboration of the year saw us travel to Tromso in Norway for Insomnia Festival. Here, at the northernmost tip of the continent, Sónar presented among others, the incredible show by percussive experimentalists NMO, and another performance of bRUNA and Wooky’s ‘Archives’. Sónar+D participated at the “Cultural Entrepreneurship” seminar, a forum that gathered the festivals Insomnia, Re-Works and cultural entrepreneurs from the three countries: Norway, Greece and Spain.

While this marks the end of 2016, Sónar’s collaboration with We Are Europe will continue into the new year … and beyond.

From March to October, 2017, We Are Europe will be on the road again, with new partners exploring the topic: “the role of culture in the city of tomorrow”.

Check out all the collaborations lined up for Sónar 2017. below, and stay tuned for more news soon!

We are Europe Sónar’s next events in 2017 

In 2017, We are Europe will run its second round:

01 – 05 March, 2017 
Graz, Austria

Elevate – Music, Arts invites:
Insomnia & Sónar

Elevate – Discourse & Activism invites:
Movement + New Ideas & Sónar+D

19 – 22 April, 2017 
Belgrade, Serbia

Resonate Live invites:
c/o pop Festival & Sónar

Resonate Conference invites:
c/o pop Convention & Sónar+D

14 – 17 June, 2017
Barcelona, Spain

Sónar invites:
c/o pop Festival & TodaysArt

Sónar+D invites:
c/o pop Convention & TodaysArt Symposium