& Business
14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017



Creators, artists and industry leaders gather at the Sónar Think Tank to address the impending issues of the digital ecosystem.


Technology companies take the stage to provide demos and presentations of their products and applications.


The workshops are organized with leading Spanish and international institutions and companies, and are the practical context of Sónar+D, and designed to explore and develop skills and techniques. They are aimed at both makers and professional collectives.

Sónar Innovation Challenge

Sónar+D Innovation Challenge (SIC) co-organized by MTG, is an online & onsite platform for the creative minds that want to be one step ahead and experiment with the future of technology. It brings together innovative tech companies and creators, collaborating to solve challenges that will lead to disruptive prototypes showcased in Sónar+D.

Startup Competition

Only 10 companies among the 30 selected for the Startup Garden by RICOH will compete in this round where they will have the opportunity to present their projects to a select team of judges. Participation in the startup competition is not mandatory.