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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Inside the studio Masterclass

Richard Russell, director of XL Recordings

Friday 19 15:15 - 1433865600 Sónar by Day
Stage+D by Mazda Rebels
(P4 – Level 1)
Preferential access for Accreditation holders (until 5 min. starting time). Limited seats available.

In this new 2015 edition, Sónar+D talks with record producers, video game designers, musicians and exceptional artists that reveal the stories and processes behind the most important creative projects of today.

One of these figures is Richard Russell, producer and founder of the influential record label XL Recordings. The list of artists that he has worked with over the past two decades is mind-boggling: such as Radiohead, The xx, Damon Albarn, White Stripes, M.I.A, Sigur Rós and the current pop sensation, FKA Twigs.

This time, Russell will offer a master class in which he will dissect the creative process and the work that goes into the artistic production of specific tracks, including three of his most important recording projects of the last few years.

– “New York is Killing Me,” by Gil Scott-Heron, from the album I’m New Here. With this album, the poet and songwriter from Chicago returned to his record making activity.

– “Deep River” by Bobby Womack, from the 2012 album The Bravest Man on Earth, his comeback to the recording studio after 8 years of editorial silence.

– “You and Me,” by Damon Albarn, from the LP Everyday Robots (2014), the last solo work by the renowned British musician.

Richard Russell will be interviewed by the music journalist Hattie Collins.