European Commission: Open Digital Science and Art Workshop

Collective discussion process for art and science integration

Friday 19 15:30 - 1434043800 Sónar by Day
Room 2
(P4 – Level 3)
Exclusive access for Accreditation holders.

Some of Europe’s most pioneering innovators will meet for two hours to share experiences and outline future actions, with the objective of facilitating the integration between science and art. The session will include representatives from principal institutions involved in research, art, technology and culture. A collective discussion process -which will also be open to the public- will look for common synergies and roadmaps to accelerate action on a European scale, enabling new innovations that provide greater scientific, cultural and economic impact.

The workshop will involve the following institutions:

    • Comisión Europea (Ralph Dum, DG CONNECT)
    • Sónar+D (José Luis de Vicente, Curator)
    • Ars Electronica (Hideaki Ogawa, FutureLab)
    • Future Everything (Drew Hemment, CEO)
    • Fundació La Caixa (Ignasi López, Deputy Director General)
    • Waag Society (Marina Boto, Researcher)
    • Fundación Ibercivis (Fermín Serrano, Executive Director)
    • Libelium (David Gascón, CTO)
    • ArtShare (Luís Miguel Girao, Director)
    • Maastricht Univeristy (Beatrice de Gelder, Researcher)
    • Goteo (Enric Senabre, Co-Founder)
    • Universitat Barcelona (Josep Perelló, Researcher)
    • eutema (Erich Prem, Director)
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