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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Lab / Stage / Gallery: Inside United Visual Artists

Matt Clark

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Friday 17 13:30 - 1466086500 Sónar by Day
Stage+D by Mazda Rebels
(P4 – Level 1)
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UVA (United Visual Artists) is an art practice founded in 2002 in the UK. Massive Attack were their first clients and the studio’s work moved from the stage to the public space since then, at the same time as its clientele and business model diversified.

UVA is a team of professionals with a variety of backgrounds. Artists, designers, software developers, hardware engineers and architects create works inspired by sculpture, lighting design, interactivity, reactivity and movement, all of these motivated by the research on the digital media and the technological development as a main driver.

UVA have been commissioned by renowned museums and arts institutions like the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts or the Barbican.

Artisan is a division of UVA created to develop works of dynamic spatial design for commercial brands and live performances like Jay Z, Massive Attack or U2 and large events like the London 2012 Olympic Games. In addition, UVA developed specific brand new technologies to meet the challenges along the way in their everyday practice. One of these tools is d3 Technologies, a real-time video production suite widely used in large-scale live events, currently working pretty much independently from the parent company.

Matt Clark, co-founder and creative director of UVA, will give a keynote presentation on the history of this artist collective, their research processes and its model of business development.