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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Exploring Google’s ideas incubator

Indy Saha, Google Brand Director

Friday 19 16:15 - 1433350800 Sónar by Day
Stage+D by Mazda Rebels
(P4 – Level 1)
Preferential access for Accreditation holders (until 5 min. starting time). Limited seats available.

Google Creative Lab is Google ’s modern concept of a think tank, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney.

Employees design pilots and prototypes for new products using non-traditional approaches and discover progressive forms of analysis and execution. The objective of the Google Creative Lab is to create relevant content for the public, aimed specifically at the mainstream and newcomers to technology. In addition to marketers and publicists, the Lab is made up of a select combination of designers, developers of mobile technology, audiovisual producers, motion graphers, writers and more. These professionals humanize the tech industry giant through storytelling and artistic force by connecting two variables: user awareness and data knowledge (like algorithms).

After three years as Director of Strategy at Google Creative Lab and Associate Director of Google Creative Lab in London, Indy Saha is currently the Director of Google Brand. In this keynote, he will explain his experience in Google’s incubator of ideas. Additionally, Saha will delve into the connection between Google and the creative industry, the processes of implementing ideas, and the tools that contribute to the company’s success.

This activity is organized in collaboration with RMIT Europe, a university of technology and design based in Barcelona, dedicated to facilitating the transfer of knowledge between academia, industry and the tech community.

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