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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017
Startup Garden by RICOH

The 30 chosen startups

Thursday 16 10:00 - 1465934400
Startup Garden by RICOH
(P4 – Level 3)
Friday 17 10:00 - 1465934400
Startup Garden by RICOH
(P4 – Level 3)
Saturday 18 13:00 - 1465934400
Startup Garden by RICOH
(P4 – Level 3)

The following startups have been chosen after a global call. They come from 8 countries (Finland, Sweden, Germany, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, France and Spain). They were selected because of their ideas, their team and of course, their background; some of them count on the support of important investment funds like USV or Drapper. All together, they’ve raised more than 20 million Euros in funding.

They cover the widest range of areas and technologies applied to creative industries like music, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, IoT, wearables, blockchain, advertising or fashion.

They will all be showcasing their talent at the Startup Garden by RICOH, open to network with all MarketLab‘s and Sónar Innovation Challenge creators , Sónar attendees and selected big names from the investment world like Reaktor Ventures, 360 Capital Partners, Workday Ventures, Index Ventures, Sushi VC, Telefónica Ventures, Wayra or Fundación Entrecanales among other international and national companies.

  1. 1dLab (France) Lab for cultural innovation.
  2. Aitokaku (Finland) The Instagram of music. Music that matches your mood and activities.
  3. ClayMusic (France) A hand-controlled music player. Play music in the air with simple gestures.
  4. Clubberize (Spain) Recommender for electronic music fans / business marketing & analytics tool.
  5. Codec (UK) Creative intelligence platform that generates real-time creative recommendation.
  6. Crossfader (US) Easy to use mobile Dj system and remix community.
  7. Emotions-Ar (Spain) Augmented Reality App to add sound, movement and interactivity to images.
  8. Exipple (Spain) Artificial intelligence solutions (‘Gestoos’) to detect people’s behaviour respecting privacy through a patented machine learning mechanism
  9. Festyvent (UK) Connecting fans and audiences to artists and events.
  10. First V1sion (Spain) Wearable broadcast system.
  11. Fluzo (Spain) Track media consumption and connect with the multiscreen user. Fluzoo turns content and audience into actionable data.
  12. Funtoad (US) New artistic dimensions for artists by harnessing the power of mobile devices in live events.
  13. Headoo (France) Visual Marketing technology for brands to create relationships with customers during events.
  14. Histovery (France) Software solutions for the development of cultural sites and museum collections.
  15. I-MusicSchool (France) Online music school.
  16. Kagura (Japan) Motion musical instrument that turns the body movements and gestures into music.
  17. Mind Music Labs (Sweden) Their project Sensus is the world’s first smart guitar. 360º music system and IoT device.
  18. My Music Planner (Spain) Music Platform that provides live music for events.
  19. Open Shoes (Spain) Creating a healthy, modular and open source footwear with 3d printing tech.
  20. Remidi (US) Wearable device that turns the whole surface of the hand into a musical instrument.
  21. Nowave (France) The Netflix for Independent Art Film.
  22. Stagelink (Germany) Crowdsourcing platform for live events.
  23. Stampery (Spain) Blockchain technology to certify who created, accessed or modified a document or dataset.
  24. (Spain) Modular IoT platform to easily connect and manage your devices in real time.
  25. Touchvie (Spain) App that allows to control, add content and comment films or series.
  26. Ulule (France) European crowdfunding platform.
  27. Unified Team (UK) Find people and places in crowded nightclubs, conferences or shopping malls.
  28. Orah by Video Stitch (France) Virtual Reality video in real-time.
  29. Wlasses (Spain) The 3D printed glasses that reinvent fashion.
  30. Xceed (Spain) Platform to create, manage and find events. Buy tickets, manage guestlists, etc.