Sustainability in the Digital Music Age: What Will it Take?

A conversation about the need for sustainability for creators in the digital age

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Thursday 16 16:45 - 1464111000 Sónar by Day
Stage+D by Mazda Rebels
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The transformation of music in the digital age has created an abundance of fan access in devices across the world, headlines of broken financial models for major industry stakeholders, legal tangles, and both an explosion of new music and an implosion of revenue for artists.  What will it take to rebuild a sustainable environment for musicians, composers, producers, and industry stakeholders?  Is there a silver lining for independent artists? Is remix culture going to take music into the dawn of a new era?  

It’s never been easy to make a living in music, but experts will discuss today’s complex web of money flow, data, technology and tools, and help identify trends for tomorrow’s opportunities.  

The participants on this panel are: Oliver Franklin Wallis, associate editor at WIRED (UK) where he writes about technology and culture; Allen Bargfrede, associate professor at the Berklee College of Music and director of Berklee’s Rethink Music initiative and Steve Mayall, co-founder and managing director of Music Ally. This talk will be chaired by Vickie Nauman, digital media and content strategy specialist in the intersection of music and technology.