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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017
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Saturday 20 03:30 - 1433306400 Sónar by Night

Siriusmodeselektor is the combination of three inspired talents (Siriusmo + Modeselektor + Pfadfinderei) who will perform together at Sónar by Night, providing a guaranteed treat for the Sónar audience.

Among Modeselektor’s many virtues is his ability to discover new producers and provide them with an alternative platform to release material via one his two labels, 50Weapons and Monkeytown. One of the most interesting but perhaps lesser known is Moritz Friedrich, aka Siriusmo. The talented artist and vintage keyboard collector has an outstanding career behind him. He generally prefers to remain in the background and spend time in his studio, rather than touring and receiving media attention. However, Gernot and Sebastian (Modeselektor) recently convinced him to come out from his electronic cave and join their new project Siriusmodeselektor, whose raison d’être would be to perform on stages just like Sónar.

As if this was not sufficiently stimulating we must also add a fourth aspect to this artist triangle: the Berlin Visual Studio Pfadfinderei who are regular collaborators with the German duo Modelesektor (Moderat together with Apparat) having toured with them around them world.