The shock waves of the sonic boom: Europe vs North America in Electronic Music

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Thursday 16 18:00 - 1465239600 Sónar by Day
Stage+D by Mazda Rebels
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The popularization of dance music in the United States, has fundamentally changed the workings of the international market as we have known it up to now. The shockwaves of this sonic boom are still being felt, with dance music no longer being only heard at clubs and niche festivals, but permeating all aspects of mainstream culture – from gyms and supermarkets to stadium size events – gaining millions of new fans in the process, thereby changing habits and targets on a global level.

In this round table, leading figures of the music business will discuss how the global market has adapted to this new mainstream audience, and the changes to the industry on every level: artists, promoters, dj’s, managers and the music press.

What are the challenges for European artists looking to break the American market? How does this affect their creative process? How has the European industry reacted to the new trends arriving from across the Atlantic? And finally, can, and should, festivals aspire to emulate and compete with the large format events popular in the USA?

The participants in this round table are the agent David Levy (WME), Matt Colon (Deckstar) and the promoter Richard McGinnis (Warehouse Project, Parklife). The talk will be chaired by British Music journalist Joe Muggs.

*This activity is part of the We Are Europe programme and has been curated by Reworks Festival.