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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Selling Direct with Vimeo On Demand

Jeremy Boxer, creative director at Vimeo

Friday 19 14:15 - 1462979700 Sónar by Day
Room 2
(P4 – Level 3)
Exclusive access for Accreditation holders.

VIMEO is the online reference high quality video platform for filmmakers and visual artists, and one of the largest global sources of high impact visual creativity. Artists, designers, motion graphics, music videos and short films directors and filmmakers use it for inspiration, connect between them and publicize their work. Its creative director, Jeremy Boxer, will reveal the keys to Vimeo On Demand, the self-distribution platform of Vimeo allowing content creators to sell or rent your videos directly to the audience. Some of the keys of the workshop include a review of the constantly changing environment of content distribution, exhibition strategies in the digital world and practical examples of success stories on Vimeo On Demand.

Jeremy Boxer is the creative director of Vimeo and the co-creator and director of the Vimeo Festival and Awards. He has been working in the digital filmmaking world for over 18 years and has directed more than 40 short films. Was one of the architects of Vimeo on Demand and helped create strategies for product development and content acquisition for the platform.