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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Secluded Bronte: Against Cinema

Jonathan Bohman, Adam Boham, Richard Thomas

Friday 19 19:30 - 1434744900 Sónar by Day
Room 2
(P4 – Level 3)
Exclusive access for Accreditation holders.

Secluded Bronte is a musical project by the Bohman Brothers and Richard Thomas. Their work is difficult to classify, halfway between musical theatre and musique concrète. Their musical output has materialized basically in live performances in which a vast array of everyday objects connected to contact microphones and laptops turn into musical instruments. Their only album as Secluded Bronte, “Secluded in Jersey City”, was recorded in 2002 at the renowned independent radio station WFMU. Twelve years on, a record label decided to present to the world the result of this experience, which mixes musique concrète with tape collages, poetry and theatre.

Richard Thomas and the Bohman Brothers will be discussing and demonstrating their work in relation to cinema. They also will be performing with all their sonic paraphernalia, and will present a short film directed by Peter Strickland, the man behind the film “Berberian Sound Studio”, with whom the Bohman Brothers are regular collaborators, contributing sound effects for his films.

The schedule for this talk has change. The correct hour is now 19:30h.