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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

S.E.N.S by Red Corner and ARTE

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Thursday 16 10:00 - 1465934400 Sónar by Day
Realities +D
(P4 - Level 0)
Friday 17 10:00 - 1465934400 Sónar by Day
Realities +D
(P4 - Level 0)
Saturday 18 13:00 - 1465934400 Sónar by Day
Realities +D
(P4 - Level 0)

S.E.N.S is a VR game based on the graphic novel by Marc-Antoine Mathieu and directed by Charles Ayats, Armand Lemarchand and Mathieu himself. It is the first ever VR adaptation of a graphic novel.

Over its 30 minutes, S.E.N.S is set in a peculiar space: a labyrinth without walls but full of arrows of multiple shapes and sizes that guide the spectator through its tricky corridors. Just glancing the arrows some objects come to life, giving clues to continue our journey. Nobody really knows where is going – everyone has to make their own way.

The exhibition of the film at Realities+D will be followed by the presentation of the original graphic novel by Mathieu that inspired it.

S.E.N.S is a co-production by French audiovisual creative studio Red Corner and the public European TV network ARTE.

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