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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Filmin: North Korean Propaganda Workshop

Make your own propaganda film

Tuesday 09 10:00 - 1433273400
Filmin: North Korean Propaganda Workshop
Wednesday 10 10:00 - 1433273400
Filmin: North Korean Propaganda Workshop

The “North Korean Propaganda Workshop” is a seminar about the persuasive filming techniques of one of the most powerful propagandists in the planet: North Korea’s filmmakers.

Using the instructions that the late leader Kim Jong Il outlined in his manual “The Cinema and Directing”, filmmaker Anna Broinowski and her team will run a workshop in which they’ll show how to use North Korean style props, music, plots, acting and shooting techniques to make a powerful film of your own.

The aim of the workshop is to produce a one to three minute propaganda film that inspires audiences to join your revolutionary cause: Climate Change, overthrowing a government or simply buying more capitalist “stuff”.

The workshop will take place June 9th and 10th in Antiga Fàbirca Damm.

There are only 80 slots for this workshop that will be drawn among Sónar+D accreditation holders, Filmin premium subscribers, cinema students and film industry professionals. For more information and applications:

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