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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017
Startup Competition

The meeting point for the Start-ups

Start-up MarketPlace

Thursday 18 12:15 - 1433793600 Sónar by Day
MarketPlace Start-up
(P4 – Level 2)
Friday 19 12:15 - 1433793600 Sónar by Day
MarketPlace Start-up
(P4 – Level 2)
Saturday 20 12:15 - 1433793600 Sónar by Day
MarketPlace Start-up
(P4 – Level 2)

This year the Start- ups will have a leading role in Sónar+D, not only with the second edition of the Start-up Competition by Ricoh but also with its own exhibition space at MarketLab where the public can get close to talk with them and their proposals. These are the companies that will participate in the Start-up MarketPlace: 


Crowdcrafting is a web platform for crowdsourcing initiatives and public science projects, for researchers, institutions and individuals. It uses the scientific method to obtain hard data that can be used to refute a hypothesis, help with humanitarian projects or back up a complaint to a local council. Participation is voluntary and the projects can cover any subject (physics, ecology, art, politics, data journalism, etc.). It is built on PyBossa, our free and open software for crowdsourcing projects. All data obtained through Crowdcrafting are open and can also be freely consulted.


Ninus Box, by Btripple, is a hardware platform consisting of several standard components, with audiovisual content projected on the floor so that children can enter the projection and interact with the content through their movements, gestures and voice.


MonkingMe is the first music platform to listen, download and share songs totally free and legal, while artists are paid for it. In MonkingMe users will be able to stream songs freely, without being forced to watch, hear or see annoying ads, as well as download all this songs without charge.


Playmoss is a music community that revolves around a global aggregator of reputable platforms: it lets you organize the music you listen online in YouTube, Sound cloud or Vimeo. We could compare Playmoss to the music version of Pinterest. With Playmoss, you can arrange all the tracks you like in playlists and share them with your friends and acquaintances, as well as new songs or playlists of those users you have musical affinity with.


Foodini is the first 3D food printer kitchen appliance to contribute to a healthy eating lifestyle. Natural Machines develops the technology, the software, designs the device, and sells worldwide. Natural Machines has developed and patented its own printing technology and its own cooking technology, which uses a 10% of existing oven technologies. This is an IoT appliance that works on mobile applications.


Mobile Media Content (MMC) provides TICKETING3D, a unique solution (using videogame technologies) for allowing the user to sit virtually at all seats of a venue and check the views before purchasing the ticket.


Artomatix has built a solution which fully or partially automates digital art creation, allowing a single human artist to do the work of a team. Applying machine learning and big data concepts to art creation, enabling the computer to take over many tedious and time consuming aspects of art creation.


Musical Operating Devices is the creator of the MOD ecosystem, a completely new platform concept for audio processing comprised of devices, softwares and web infrastructure, empowered by open source technologies for both software and hardware. These products constitute evolvable and adaptable audio tools that empower the musicians, giving them an enormous amount of creative freedom and social collaboration resources without charging extra for that.


Enso solves the problem created by the digital revolution in music – the multimillion titles catalogue (ca. 35m in Spotify). It eliminates the complexity of choice by reducing the selection to user’s mood and activity – “how you feel” and “what are you doing”. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, it adds the context from a combination of user interactions and phone’s smart sensors and makes a taste/context correlation to play the best suggestion for the moment.

1D TOUCH      

The 1D Touch project is a streaming platform with independent creative contents. 1D touch aims to be the first worldwide multimedia streaming platform with independent music, vidéos, video games, photographies & books.

The goal is to help generate new incomes for independents and emerging creators (music, video, video games, ebooks, etc) and new ways of engaging their audiences and fidelize it.


FanFootage is the world leader in crowd-sourced social video at live events. They provide an easy video crowd-sourcing and curation tool, allowing consumer brands to engage with fans & create great social content together. FanFootage has been used to crowd-source engaging video content at 800+ events in 24 countries by Linkin Park, Bon Jovi & Hozier, major sports events such as European Champions Cup Rugby and by brands like Red Bull and Bing.