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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Made with Kickstarter

Selection of projects brought to life through Kickstarter

Thursday 18 12:00 - 1434916800 Sónar by Day
(P4 - Level 2 and 3)
Friday 19 12:00 - 1434916800 Sónar by Day
(P4 - Level 2 and 3)
Saturday 20 12:00 - 1434916800 Sónar by Day
(P4 - Level 2 and 3)

By involving the public in the creative process, Kickstarter uses the power of community to help artists, designers, performers, and innovators take great ideas from concept to reality.

Now, Sónar+D and Kickstarter have partnered to present a curated selection of projects at the Made with Kickstarter space at MarketLab. These showcased projects — all brought to life on Kickstarter — embody the spirit and mission of Sónar+D.

The first three projects listed below are going to count on the presence of their creators at the Made with Kickstarter space.


Touch Board can turn almost any material into a sensor. It is designed as a simple platform compatible with Arduino and applicable to a myriad of projects. Connecting any conductive object to one of its 12 electrodes can trigger a sound through its integrated MP3 player.


The Oval an electronic musical instrument and controller that can be connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer. Inspired by the Hand Pan percussive instrument family , the Oval allows total freedom when creating sounds and it is specially made for learning music and playing live.


“Four track” is an album that plays on the inside and on the outside. Moldover, musician and creator of instruments, turns a simple cassette cover into an electronic circuit board instrument called  “voice crusher” that transforms your voice when you sing into it. The songs on the album are discreetly packed into an integrated USB drive.


Aesthetics and functionality all in one. Lumio is a foldable lamp, which is light, autonomous and ultra-portable. It opens like a book, it can be attached to any kind of metallic surface and allows the user to experiment with different designs with its shape and size.


As if it were a sonic time machine, Gramovox brings back the design and organic sound of the classic Magnavox gramophone from the 1920s. It works via bluetooth and enables music to be streamed from any kind of smart device.


Starting from the idea that there are more works of art on the Internet than in all the world’s galleries and museums, Electric Objects creates the EO1, a framed high resolution screen with an integrated computer that allows people to “hang” artistic pieces from the Internet on the walls of their homes using a mobile app.


Zano makes aerial captures of high resolution photo and video, easy and affordable. It is an autonomous and intelligent nano drone, which is so small it fits into the palm of your hand and connects easily with a smart device via wifi.


A “plasma speaker” plays music just like a normal speaker, but using an electric plasma arc with 30,000 volts of power. The fascinating thing about this device is that unlike a normal speaker, which uses an electromagnet to vibrate, this one uses an electric arc to ionize and compress the air around it and thereby play music, all without any moving parts.


A low-cost version of the “camera lucida” – an optical instrument for drawing, popular among engraving artists of the nineteenth century. This device has been neglected for years, until itwas updated by the artists Golan Levin and Paul Garcia.


Strawbees is a system of connecting elements for producing constructions using soft string straws – a kit that opens up new possibilities for play and creativity for makers of all ages.


A strip of LED lights with 60 pixels – flexible, portable and programmable via USB with its own BlinkyBoard light processor.


A veritable pocket natural history and curiosities museum. It contains real fragments of unusual pieces: from a triceratops horn to dinosaur coprolites. Mini Museum is the world’s smallest museum.


Starting from the idea that the relationship we have with our favourite FM radio station is monogamous, “Public Radio” creates a minimalist radio: it only has one station, one aerial and one button (to raise and lower the volume), and in keeping with its DIY spirit, it is mounted in a glass jar.


Jamstik is a genuine “smart-guitar” which is connected by Bluetooth to any mobile device or computer. Its app allows you to learn to play the guitar immediately and interactively. It is possibly the world’s most portable guitar.


The Present is the world’s first annual clock. It takes 365 days to perform a complete clockwise rotation and hours are turned into months. Scott Thrift, the artist behind the project,invites the audience to explore the nature of time and discover the present.