m-startup-barcelona: Different models to accelerate start-up

Ángel García, Simón Lee, Sebastian Muller, Pablo Belmonte, Albert Manjón, Laia Tutzó

Thursday 18 15:45 - 1433523600 Sónar by Day
Room +D
(P4 - Level 0)
Exclusive access for Accreditation holders.

m-startup-barcelona is an initiative that aims to attract the best business accelerators, promote the transfer/transmission of technology and stimulate the Barcelona entrepreneurial community.

This talk will present three different methods for accelerating start-ups and will count on the experiences of three m-startup accelerator-barcelona residents -Startupbootcamp, Gamebcn and IMPACT-. The talk will also present examples of early stage companies who have participated in various acceleration programs.

The round table will answer the following questions:

How can we accelerate start-ups? What are the ingredients that increase the value of a start-up in a short period of time? Is there a difference between accelerating start-ups in the field of mobile, IoT and video games?

M-startup-barcelona director Itziar Blasco will moderate the panel discussion and participants will include:

Ángel García, cofounder of Startupbootcamp and IoT & Data

Simón Lee, cofounder of Gamebcn

Sebastian Muller, Director of Impact Accelerator

Pablo Belmonte, cofounder at Hypoligon, the business accelerator for Gamebcn.

Albert Manjón, business development and project manager in Zolertia.

Laia Tutzó, CCO of SmartSea, the start-up driven by IMPACT.