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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017
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Koreless + Emmanuel Biard: The Well

Spirals of smoke, light and sound

Thursday 18 17:30 - 1433183400 Sónar by Day

Curated by Manchester’s Future Everything festival, The Well is the show that brought together two great artists: on one hand, the young but already experienced Welsh producer Koreless, one of the most outstanding artists on the roster of the Young Turks label; and on the other hand, Emmanuel Biard, a visual artist of French origin living in Manchester, who was also responsible for the mise en scène of another of the concerts at Sónar 2015, by Evian Christ. “The Well” is a high-flying audiovisual show, in which Biard’s lighting and stage presentation illustrates Koreless’ characteristic hypnotic compositions.

A resident of Glasgow although born in Wales, Lewis Roberts – aka Koreless – began making music at the tender age of 9 years old. A big fan of classic jazz, with John Coltrane highest on his pedestal, Koreless discovered electronic music soon afterwards, and he began releasing material under the name with which he is now internationally known in 2008. Albums like “Yugen” (Young Turks, 2013) with its exquisite sounds are the reason that gurus like Mark Pritchard, Giles Peterson and Benji B have raved about him. Meanwhile, Emmanuel Biard, also known by the name of Eman, has been placing his visual talent at the disposal of electronic and dance music producers and artists for several years. He has worked closely with the Fabric club in London, he is part of the platform Hoya:Hoya with Illum Sphere and Lone, he has created impressive sound installations (such as “The Hall” and “The Testudo”) and designed the complex mirror set-up for Daedelus’ concerts.

Show commissioned by Future Everything in partnership with the British Council