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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Sound innovation in cinema: The absent pathos

Jacob Kirkegaard

Friday 19 17:45 - 1434738600 Sónar by Day
Room 2
(P4 – Level 3)
Exclusive access for Accreditation holders.

Danish born and Berlin based, Jacob Kirkegaard is a sound artist and a composer. His speciality are field recordings of those layers of the environment that are less evident. He has collected the soundscapes of the subterranean vibrations of a geyser, empty rooms in Chernobyl, glaciers in the arctic and even the tones generated by the human ear itself. This recordings are used in his musical compositions or mixed with image in spatial installations that have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide; such as the New York’s MoMA, Berlin’s KW and most recently at his solo exhibition at the Mori Art Museum in Tokio.

His musical output has been published in record labels like Touch, Von and Posh Isolation. In 2014 he released “40 days of silence” the soundtrack of the social drama “Chilla” the debut of the uzbek filmmaker based in Berlin, Saodat Ismailova.

The Absent path is the name of his talk, where he will  speak about his experiences creating soundtracks for films like Uzbek director Saodat Ismailova’s “Chilla” and his current collaboration with Palestinian film maker Kamal Aljafari.

The schedule of this talk has changed. The correct hour is 17:45h.