Glownet: How RFID technology can improve the productivity of events and festivals


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Friday 17 13:00 - 1465570800 Sónar by Day
(P4 - Level 0)
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In this workshop, Directors from key companies will be sharing their experiences about how RFID technology is helping and adding value to the different players in the industry. This session is a 100% collaborative experience and participants take the lead of most of the conversation.

Glownet is a company that implements cashless solutions in more than 100 events and festivals from 18 countries of the world with RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification). This presentation is addressed to companies that want to improve their productivity, increase profits and obtain information to optimize decision-making. Glownet provides transparency and total control over monetary flows in their activities for event management companies. At the same time, it prevents from fraud, reduces queues and waiting times, and speeds up the transaction time. In the last 3 years, Glownet became the leading company in cashless services for events.

Estanis Martin de Nicolás, General Manager, StubHub International 
German Coppola, Yumiwi CEO
Scott Witters, Glownet CEO
Moderator:  Hubert Grealish, Marketing Guru in Tech and Events