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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Curating the curators. Jeff Smith (BBC)

Curating the curators: the human factor in music prescription

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Thursday 16 11:30 - 1466079300 Sónar by Day
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Youtube and the different streaming music services have failed to replace radio as the quintessential prescriber medium. Every single music community –from mainstream to the tiniest niche– is represented by its own radio show that builds a connection between fans and music, and more and more programmes hosted by DJs that help shape the music taste of the audience go on air every day.

Jeff Smith is Head of Music at BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music. His job is to unearth new music acts as well as to recover classics and sounds from the archives that provide the necessary context to understand the countless new releases that appear in the music market daily. Jeff Smith’s contribution to the radio stations and services he has worked for –Capital FM, Napster– has meant an update to the sound of each station, by adding tendencies, discovering radio talents and drawing record-breaking audiences. Smith describes his job ascurating the curators’, an exercise of diplomacy that allows to unify the global sound of a station and lets the presenters to show their own personality, which is what connects radio with their audiences at the end of the day.

BBC Radio 2 is a UK national radio station aimed at adult audiences that combines popular music, news and entertainment. For its part, BBC Radio 6 Music focuses on the alternative spirit of the music, mixing past, present and future.

This session will be moderated by Joe Mugss, a renowned musical journalist from the United Kingdom that has worked with the likes of Mixmag, The Wire, FACT, The Guardian and Daily Telegraph, among others.