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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Decentralize: A Journey Through the Independent Web

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Thursday 16 16:30 - 1465329600 Sónar by Day
Room +D
(P4 - Level 0)
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The Internet of 2016 has become a different place than what the pioneers of the Web envisioned in the 90s. Instead of a space composed of millions of independent and interconnected nodes, for hundreds of millions of people digital life passes exclusively within 4 or 5 services where they produce and consume images, songs, videos or chats. This centralization also affects musicians, filmmakers or artists, who are tied to certain conditions by their owners, sometimes with creative consequences.

As a part of the project We are Europe, Sónar+D collaborates with Austrian festival Elevate (Graz) to explore new ways of cultural entrepreneurship that provide an answer to this urgent question: How can we decentralize the Internet for citizens and creators again? What are the alternatives for hosting, distributing and making digital culture accessible in an autonomous and safe way?

DECENTRALIZE is a journey though the independent web with talks and workshops by activists, artists and social innovation organisations that are creating independent social networks, alternatives to the cloud or complete communications infrastructures.

The talks of Decentralize will take place on Thursday 16 from 4.30 pm at Room+D space.

Workshops included in the programme of Decentralize will take place at MarketLab and will be announced shortly.


5.00 pm The Building Blocks of New Cultural Distribution: Blockchain, with Lars Holdhus and Joachim Lohkamp

5.40 pm New Kids on the Block & The Network Effect to decentralize, with Katharina Nocun

6:00 pm Freedom Out of the Box, with Marcus Sabadello (FreedomBox), Mat Dryhurst (Saga), Efraín Foglia (GuifiNet), María G. Perulero (Goteo)

Talks will be chaired by Daniel Erlacher, coordinator of the conferences programme at Elevate festival, and open culture and free hardware and software activist.