Decentralize: New Kids on the Block by Katharina Nocun

Conditions to Successfully Enter the Decentralized Social Media Market

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Thursday 16 17:30 - 1464199200 Sónar by Day
Room +D
(P4 - Level 0)
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Nowadays, Internet is a giant network that is more and more intertwine with every aspect of our lives. What began as a peer-to-peer network has become an environment increasingly centralized in the hands of a few exclusive platforms that rule the digital market. In this landscape, a series of decentralized platforms appear, needing of the right technology and strategy to compete.

Katharina Nocun will give an overview of the impact of social media and economic forces that lead the market, and will analise the status quo of social network Diaspora and The Federation, a platform that follows Diaspora, Friendica and Hubzilla projects, as a representative sample of free, open source, non-commercial and decentralized alternatives to the traditional social networks. In addition, Nocun will make a financial analysis of market structures to obtain new perspectives on how this ‘new kid on the block’ can develop strategies to successfully enter the market.

The results of the research by Katharina Nocun are backed by interviews with experts and data taken from Diaspora and its related networks.

The work of Katharina Nocun is focused on the research on decentralized networks and digital policies. Nocun has been coordinator of the Pirate Party of Germany and has worked organising data protection campaigns. She also worked in the digital consumer rights department at the Federation of German Consumer Organizations. Currently, Nocun is organising campaigns for the German Wikimedia, and is member of the German Working Group Against Data Retention and the Whistleblower Network, a network that protects people that expose illegal activities within organisations. She is also ambassador of the Foundation of the Rights of Future Generations and a regularly writes about data protection and network policies.