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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Decentralize: Freedom Out of the Box

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Thursday 16 18:00 - 1464206400 Sónar by Day
Room +D
(P4 - Level 0)
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A group of artists, entrepreneurs, and activists will discuss how we can retain ownership of our data, share information and resources and become independent from the big corporations that want to run the internet.


FreedomBox: Freedom out of the Box

Markus Sabadello

The debate on the power of governments and corporations over communications and personal data on the Internet is increasingly intense. In the last few years, new hardware and software initiatives have promised autonomy and privacy online with decentralization as its fundamental principle.

One of the most inspiring examples in this field is FreedomBox, a personal server that allows you to connect to a social network and share data via P2P just plugging at home. This telecom platform guarantees privacy, freedom of speech and the capacity to organise collectively in case of emergency.

For years, Markus Sabadello has been one of the pioneers in the field of digital identity. He has worked as developer and consultant for Silicon Valley’s startups, the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society, the MIT Media Lab and Rethinking Personal Data, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. Sabadello is also member of several organisations and communities related to self-determination and user-centric identity such as FreedomBox, Respect Network, the Federated Social Web and the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium. In 2015, Sabadello founded his own company, Danube Tech, to develop technologies like XDI (a tool for digital identity, security and privacy) and FreedomBox.

 Markus Sabadello will present FreedomBox, originally started by Eben Moglen at the Software Freedom Law Center in the Columbia University. The aim of FreedomBox is to offer an alternative to centralized services like Facebook or Google. Telecommunications Network of the People

Efraín Foglia is a free, open and neutral self-managed telecommunications network where individuals, companies and all sorts of organizations invest resources to create a common infrastructure. This network uses radio-links and optical fibre to achieve its objective for digital inclusion, and it currently has 40,000 nodes of popular interconnection. has been transforming the telecommunications sector for 10 years, offering another way to manage the Internet. Recently, the Foundation was awarded the Best European Initiative for Next Generation Broadband prize, in the category of Innovative Models of Financing, Business and Investment.

Efraín Foglia is designer of digital interactions, researcher, teacher and founding member of, the largest self-managed telecommunications network in the world. In his work, design meets social activism and telecom technologies. In 2011, Foglia founded Mobilitylab, a platform for the design of physical and digital interactions. He is member of the research group BRAC (Barcelona, Research, Art & Creation) of the University of Barcelona, and of the GIIP (Grupo de Investigación en Convergencia entre Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología) at UNESP, the São Paulo State University.


Mat Dryhurst

Mat Dryhurst is a multifaceted artist that works with sound, video, software and text. Dryhurst reflects on online presence and privacy, in living works with improv elements where the audience is a key aspect. He created software that generates musical compositions based on your browser activity, and live works where he collects information from social media public profiles and turns them into projections.

One of his latest creations is Saga, a platform that provides total control over each space where artists publish their works online, allowing the possibility to modify them at any time. Dryhurst often acts with his partner, composer and producer Holly Herndon, with whom he also creates collaborative artistic works from their studio in Berlin.


Maria G. Perulero

Maria G. Perulero is a member of the crowdfunding platform open Goteo, for which she has held several positions: consulting, reviews and accompanying open crowdfunding campaigns, open calls coordination, conducting training workshops and representing Goteo both in and outside the national territory.

She is currently in charge of the strategic direction of Goteo and her work focuses on the search for alliances and institutional support, as well as training, searching for tools related to crowdfunding practices and supporting the international projection of the company.