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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Universal Assembly Unit

Datum Explorer

Thursday 18 12:00 - 1432411200 Sónar by Day
(P4 - Level 2 and 3)
Friday 19 12:00 - 1432411200 Sónar by Day
(P4 - Level 2 and 3)
Saturday 20 12:00 - 1432411200 Sónar by Day
(P4 - Level 2 and 3)

Universal Assembly Unit is a London-based experimental and cross-disciplinary studio, working in the growing fields of digital narrative and animation, live audiovisual performance and interactive installation.

With a collective background in architecture, the studio has a critical and collaborative research agenda that explores the reactive, interactive and animated nature of spatial practice.

This year at Sónar+D, the British studio will present a multi-platform project called Datum Explorer, which documents and explores the inhabitation of digital environments. It is both an app and a site-specific installation.

In July 2014 a forest in East Sussex was surveyed using a terrestrial 3D scanner and a binaural recording device. This 3D dataset has been re-imagined as an exploratory digital landscape, part site survey and part game environment filled with elusive animals.

As part of Datum Festival 2014 the point cloud was projected back into its original environment to create an immersive experience fusing nature and data.

The team at Universal Assembly Unit are trained architects, William Gowland, Samantha Lee, Oliviu Lugojan Ghenciu and Zhan Wang. Together they work in different fields to produce projects that focus on topics around space and digital storytelling in an age of multi-platform, hyperlinked experiences.