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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Conscious Browsing & Operational Security

With Daniel Erlacher

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Saturday 18 15:30 - 1465579800 Sónar by Day
(P4 - Level 2 and 3)

Imagine going to a supermarket or any other store and buying food products, where you have no idea what’s inside and what side effects might be caused by eating artificial additives.
This is exactly how we surf the internet today. Users are often misinformed about the amounts of data being sent from server to server behind their backs.

In this two-hour workshop users can learn about the browser fingerprint, adblocking, taking control of web-requests and general operational security when going online.

Daniel Erlacher is the co-founder at Elevate Festival and a specialist in social networks, decentralized communication, geopolitics and human rights.