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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Artist in Residence

Julia Kaganskiy, Fernando Cucchietti, Jussi Ängeslevä, Joe Gerhardt and José Luis de Vicente.

Friday 19 15:00 - 1434385800 Sónar by Day
Room +D
(P4 - Level 0)
Preferential access for Accreditation holders (until 5 min. starting time). Limited seats available.

Artist in Residence is a round table dedicated to initiatives that are projecting artists beyond the confines of museums, galleries and creative centres. Scientific centres and companies are opening up their resources – their big data, for example – so that artists can interpret them and transform them into visualizations, installations and sound pieces. Some creators are inventing commercial spin-offs in tandem with their usual artistic work, placing their output at the disposal of brands and businesses; others, meanwhile, are artistically defined at the boundaries between the technology industry and the space occupied by cultural institutions.

The participants in this roundtable table moderated by Sónar+D curator José Luis de Vicente are:

  • Julia Kaganskiy, director of New Inc, a New York institution that acts as an incubator for start-ups in the business world for the artistic community, providing artists and designers with the tools to work in an economically sustainable way.
  • Fernando Cucchietti, of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, a scientific institution that has used its technology and data to carry out experiments closely related to the sphere of art on more than one occasion, such as the interactive visualization of data of the history of music, presented at Sónar+D in 2014.
  • Jussi Ängeslevä, Vice-creative Director of the studio ART+COM, a globally pioneering creative group in the use of technology as a medium for artistic expression. The German studio, founded in 1988, develops numerous projects for brands in parallel to their artistic production.
  • Joe Gerhardt, 50% of the artist duo Semiconductor. Along with Ruth Jarman, they capture scientific data from nature to convert it into artistic pieces that mediate between nature and our experience. Their unique approach has won them many awards, and they have been “artists in residence” at the NASA, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the Charles Darwin Research Station, among others.