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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

The value of open source

David Cuartielles, Arduino co-founder

Friday 19 18:15 - 1433271600 Sónar by Day
Stage+D by Mazda Rebels
(P4 – Level 1)
Preferential access for Accreditation holders (until 5 min. starting time). Limited seats available.

This year, ARDUINO has entered into the MOMA collection for its relevance as one of the most influential innovations in artistic creation of the 21st century. Few tools are as crucial as ARDUINO for makers, designers and digital creators of today.

ARDUINO is an open-source prototyping platform for hardware and free software that allows you to affordably carry out projects, such as creating interactive electronic objects. Since its inception in 2005, it has sold several millions of units. This micro-controller, inexpensive to produce and easy to program, meets the needs of creators, that until very recently depended completely on engineers. Although it does not have the power of a PC, it can perform many of its basic functions, from running simple programs to controlling devices such as motors or sensors that are capable to detect temperature and movement.

David Cuartielles, founder of the project, will explain in his keynote speech the importance of open tools, particularly Open Source Hardware, by presenting examples and topics related to music. In parallel, Cuartielles will also lead a workshop on the creation of digital musical instruments.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image