51 companies are registered for the Start-up Competition by Ricoh. The selection process begins


Last week saw the close of the call for the Sónar+D Start-Up Competition by Ricoh, and now the evaluation and selection process begins by the international committee of judges, which will end with their decision on 10 finalists on 26 May, to be announced on 29 May.

More than 150 start-ups started the registration process. Of the 51 start-ups that have completed, 25% are from the music industry, 10% are specialists in developing electronic devices, 8% belong to the realm of art and design, 8% are from the computer industry and another 8% come from the education sector.

As for their origins, companies from 19 countries have entered, including, by number of participants: Spain, France, the United States, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Chile. Other entrants include start-ups from Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina, South Korea and Russia.

The Start-up Competition by Ricoh will be held on 18 June as part of Sónar+D, where the 10 finalists will present their project before the jury and the prizes will be presented to the winners on the same day.

All the start-ups participating, whether or not they are selected, will be able to attend a training seminar on 17 June at the ISDI (Institute for the Internet Development). There they will learn about the key factors in obtaining funding from an investor, maximizing the area of public relations and optimizing relationships with the press.