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14, 15, 16, 17
June 2017

Plans for Saturday


Make the most of the last day of Sónar+D by catching the excitement of VR experiences at Realities+D: explore different worlds within documentaries “Nomads: Maasai” and “The Sea Gypsies” by Felix and Paul studio; become an animal and see, hear and feel like a dragonfly or a bear within “In the Eyes of the Animals”; draw 3D strokes and get inside your own drawing with “Tilt Brush”; and see through the words of someone who is losing their sight within “Notes on Blindness”.

The heart of Sónar+D is MarketLab and it keeps beating strong this Saturday. Test all the different music devices that want to change the way we relate to music such as Bangers –an app design for creating your own hit songs–, musical instruments such as Zoom ARQ and Tingle, or prototypes and projects from universities such as Queen Mary University of London and the Royal College of Art. Join collective experiments like The TimeKeeper and Algorritmo and feel the sensations of 3D binaural sound by Eurecat.

Discover the possibilities of your smartphone as a music production tool at the Workshop organised by Patchworks: open for beginners and experts.

Today is your last chance to visit SonarPLANTA and experience Earthworks by Semiconductor, the humongous audiovisual installation that represents the evolution of the Earth with animated strata that move and evolve to the rhythm of quakes and glaciers.

Finally, today is the last chance to see and listen to Microtonal Wall at Mies van der Rohe pavilion, a wall of 1,500 speakers playing a unique microtonal frequency, created by NYC artist Tristan Perich.